Capital Campaign

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Magic Valley has been improving the lives of children and families in our community for more than 20 years. The Club is a place that inspires and enables young people to realize their full potential; a place where children develop self-esteem, leadership, and social skills. It is a place where GREAT FUTURES START!


The Boys and Girls Club first opened its doors for a short summer program at Harry Barry Park in 1994. This consisted of a two-week program for 25 kids. Through the efforts of dedicated community members and a generous donation from Cliff and Ione Smallwood the Boys and Girls Club of Magic Valley opened doors to a new facility located on the College of Southern Idaho campus in 1998. In the spring of 2015, we will proudly open the doors to a new club facility in the Buhl community, further enabling us to provide services to those who need us most. Families who previously had no access to affordable youth programming on a daily basis eagerly welcomed the nation’s most respected youth development organization into the Magic Valley. We are seeking community support to expand and remodel our Boys and Girls Clubs of Magic Valley Twin Falls unit.

The need:

Currently, the Club serves over 450 children at two sites (Buhl and Twin Falls). The Twin Falls Club is maxed out with a waiting list of over 150 kids. Our building has been through a massive amount of wear and tear over the years and is in desperate need of a full remodel. In the fall of 2013, the Twin Falls Police Department conducted a safety walk-through at the Club. It was identified there is an urgent need to close off our front lobby for safety concerns. Currently, the lobby is an opening to the entire club with nothing in place to stop parents or community members from roaming freely throughout the club. The lobby expansion would secure the front entrance and provide safety and security to the hundreds of children we serve each day.

Phase 1:

Lobby/ Security Expansion, Art Room Expansion, Coat Room Expansion-$150,000

Boys and Girls Bathroom Remodel, Gym Sound Panels-$25,000

Flooring/Painting, FRP and Ventilation throughout the Club-$35,000

Gym (Painting and Repair)-$10,000

School Bus-$55,000


Over the last five years the Boys and Girls Clubs of Magic Valley has tripled the number of children being served on a daily basis at our Twin Falls facility. We are serving upwards of 350 members on a daily basis. Since opening its doors in 1998 the Boys and Girls Clubs of Magic Valley has never done a large-scale renovation or remodel project to the existing structure of the club. Areas of addition have been added over the years but there have been no internal, structural upgrades to the original building. This need would be addressed by the proposed internal renovation and repair plan set forth in Phase 1 of the Capital Campaign.

  1. At the review of the Twin Falls Police Department our lobby area was deemed a “fish bowl”, far too open and accessible to ensure the safety of the young people inside of our building.
  • The lobby renovation is at the forefront of this project and was the determining factor to launch Phase 1 of the Capital Campaign; it will remain the first initiative of this project.
  1. Over the last five years the Club has spent over $10,000 in plumbing repairs on noncommercial bathroom fixtures.
  • This issue would be addressed in Phase 1 of the Capital Campaign with a plan to install commercial grade plumbing in both of the club bathrooms.
  1. The interior walls of the Club have been repainted on a regular and frequent basis since opening the doors in 1998; they are once again in dire need of repair and restoration.
  • This constant need for repair would be addressed by applying FRP board to all of the walls within the club to reduce the wear and tear; this is a part of the internal renovation plans in Phase 1 of the Capital Campaign.
  1. The Boys and Girls Clubs of Magic Valley is currently transporting children from 15 different schools with two buses each day, one bus being a 1978 charter bus that holds only 35 children.
  • Due to the busing crunch the Club has had to discontinue transportation services to a number of the surrounding schools as well as the private schools in Twin Falls. By purchasing a bus, as part of Phase 1 of the Capital Campaign, the Club would be able to transport more children from more schools in a much safer and timelier manner.
  1. The Club’s power bill each month is an average of $710, this is due in large part from powering the gym, at the inspection of Idaho Power it’s been verified that it is extremely inefficient in terms of energy conservation.
  • With the help of Idaho Power the Club would address some of the energy issues with the gym, some examples of this would be painting the walls and having the bales adjusted.

We are extremely excited about moving forward with this project! It’s a big one, but greatly needed for our kids!  If you want to help out, head on over to our donation page!


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